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Vidalista 60


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Vidalista 60- The Best Ever Erectile Dysfunction Medicine

  • Men all around the world today are facing one issue mainly when it comes to their health, and that is impotence or erectile dysfunction. Yes, you have heard that right. There are around 50% of people in the world who are suffering from this issue, and most of them are not even known to the fact; the biggest issue is that this issue the number of couples who are dissatisfied with their sexual life is increasing.
  • That is why people who are looking for an improvement must look at the best medicine that is ever made for the issue of erectile dysfunction. The name of that medicine is Vidalista 60. The medicine is special in various ways, which we are going to be discussing in the details written below.

About Vidalista 60

  • Vidalista 60 is a vasodilator medicine whose task is mainly to dilate the blood vessels that are becoming an issue for the erection of the penis. For this task, the medicine blocks the working of the PDE that is why they kept the medicine in the PDE5 inhibitor class of medicines. Those who are wondering that what a PDE is should know that it is a protein material that’s induced when the person is under stress and binds with blood vessels to save from any mishappening. But this also binds with the penile muscles, which means that the penis will not get proper blood, an erection won’t happen properly.
  • But due to the active salt that is present in the salt, tadalafil is going to block this PDE. Now the person is able to erect properly and also last for a longer period while having sex. The amount of salt that is packed in the tablet is around 60 mg. 

What is Vidalista 60 used for?

There are a lot of uses of Vidlista 60 that a person should know about. 

  • The first major issue that is resolved with the help of Vidlista 60 is erectile dysfunction. 
  • The second issue that is resolved with the medicine is the BPH. in this issue, the prostate gland starts swelling up and causes an issue in normal tasks.
  • The next issue is the libido levels which s decreasing in men, which basically means the urge to have sex.
  • Some doctors also prescribe this medicine for the issue of pulmonary hypertension. 


  • The dosage of the medicine is always decided by the physician who you need to consult and get a prescription as the medicine is not sold over the counter. But the manufacturers have also led the dosage according to which you are only allowed to take only one dose in a day. But there are a few people who are exceptional, and they may need more than one dose.

Missed dose

  • Missing the dose of the Vidalista 60 is very common. The main aim of the person consuming medicine is to increase their performance during the sex, and if they are not consummating, then they may leave the medicine. But some people later find that they want the dose. In such cases, only in one case medicine can be taken, and that is time left to the next dose. If it is near, then the dose can not be taken. 


  •  The overdose related to Vidalista 60 can be really harmful to the body to no issue causing also. Yes, you have heard that right. Some people have a body that digests two-dose and does not show any issue. But those people whose body is showing an issue need to contact the physician as soon as possible. Also, the first type of person is also not allowed to take the overdose of the medicine. 

How to take Vidalista 60?

Taking Vidalista 60 is no big deal. There are only a few ground rules that you are bound to follow. 

  • The consumption of Vidalista 60 should be done with a glassful of water. 
  • Those who are consuming Vidalista 60 should know that the tablet should be taken as such. No breaking or chewing is allowed. 
  • Vidalista 60 has to consume one hour before the time you are thinking to have sex. With food, you can take medicine, or you can also choose to take it without food.
  • Only light food should be taken when you are consuming Vidalista 60. With oily food, the medicine doesn’t show its proper action. 

Can I buy this drug online?

Vidalista 60 is easily available with the vendors that are selling the medicine online, and it is suggested by us to buy medicine from them. The reasons behind this are:-

  • You never have to compromise with the quality of the medicine if you are ordering Vidalista 60 from online websites. 
  • The price that you pay to the online medicine websites is low as compared to the land-based pharmacies. 
  • Some people who are shy in discussing their issues in front of doctors can consult the experts available on the website. This way, they will not feel shy, and their privacy is also preserved.
  • The delivery done is contactless, which saves a person from coming in contact with the noble coronavirus.
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  • Whenever you are contacting a physician, remember to discuss all your present and past issues with them. They will check whether it is safe for you to take Vidalista 60 or not. 
  • The time between medicine consumption of food and medicine should be maintained. 
  • Storage of medicine should be done very carefully. 
  • A person should never take oily food when taking Vidalista 60. 


  • Alcohol consumption can be dangerous with Vidalista 60. The same case implies with cigarettes, smoking marijuana, and drinking grapefruit juice. All of this should be banned. 
  • If you are a heart patient, then never come near the Vidalista 60. 
  • The nitrate and Vidalista 60 do not interact well with each other.
  • You should not drive when you have consumed Vidalista 60.  

Vidalista 60 Tablet Side Effects

 The side effects of the medicine can be many, but a person needs to understand a few things about it. When the person is new to the medicine, then they face some of the side effects, but they will also disappear with time.

  • Headache is one of the biggest issues which is faced by many people, along with nausea. This can also lead to vomiting in a few cases.
  • Dizziness and drowsiness are also common in those who are consuming Vidalista 60. 
  • A person may notice pain in their stomach area also.  This, most of the time leads to diarrhea.
  • Some people also face the issue of sleeplessness and a total change in their sleep cycle. 
  • The body stays in the restlessness phase. 
  • The erection may stay for a longer period of time which becomes painful. 
Available All Dosage Here: Vidalista 10 | Vidalista 20


Is this drug being safe?

  • Yes, according to the doctors and the manufacturers, the medicine is completely safe for the normal usage of an average male. But, in the case you have any kind of medical history, then you need to discuss the issue with the physician, and they will ensure that you are safe or not. 

Is Vidalista 60 be used for the rest of your living?

  • The medicine is made mainly for the issue of having the best sex and gain an erection that you can not get normally. That is why till the time you are looking forward to having sex, you can consume the medicine. After that, you don’t need the medicine anymore.

Does Vidalista 60 work??

  • Yes, the issue that the Vidalista 60 is used for is properly removed by the medicine. The PDE5 is the main reason behind the erectile dysfunction issue, which is blocked by the medicine.

How much Vidalista 60 should I take?

  • The Vidalista 60 will be suggested to you by your physician always. You have to follow the prescription that they provide you. Normally, a physician is going to tell a person that you have to take only one dose in a day which will cure your issue easily. 

Does Vidalista 60 make you high?

  •  The Vidalista 60 is never going to make you high whenever you consume them. When you consume the medicine, then there is going to a little amount of dizziness and nausea, which can last for some time.
Active Ingredient (Generic Name)



Erectile Dysfunction


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 tablets in 1 strip



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6 To 15 days


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