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Cephadex 500 mg (Cephalexin)


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Suffering From Bacterial Infections? Try Cephalexin 500 mg

Bacterial infections are the most common issues that a person suffers from, and the reason behind this is millions of bacterias are present around us. Not all of them are bad, but there are few bacteria that can make a person really sick. Now out of these few, most of them are handled by the immune system, but sometimes the attack is severe which is not easily controlled by the person.

That is why a person needs medicine for the treatment of these bacteria. That is why we have come up with a medicine name that can help in treating, and the name of that medicine is Cephalexin 500 mg. The details of this medicine are discussed below.

About Cephalexin 500 mg

The Cephalexin 500 mg medicine is belonging to the antibiotic class of medicines, which is sub-classified into beta-lactam antibiotics. The salt that is present in the medicine is Cephalexin, the amount to which is 500 mg in every tablet. The salt is used for killing the bacteria that grow rapidly in the body. This task is done by blocking the proteins in the action of the bacteria. This stops their growth, and if they don’t grow, they won’t be able to survive in the body.

What Is Cephalexin 500mg Used To Treat?

The Cephalexin 500 mg is used for the treatment of bacterial infections. Some of the most common ones are pneumonia, respiratory tract infections, infections in bones, genitals, urinary system, etc. The task of the Cephalexin 500 mg medicine is to stop the growth of the bacteria first in your body and then block them, which is perfectly performed by the medicine.


The dose is decided according to the bacteria that you are looking for the treatment for. That is why always carry the latest test reports of yours, which will help the physician to decide your dose. The physician will tell the dose and also decide the time which you have to follow without missing.

Low Dosage Here: Cephalexin 250 mg

Missed Dose

If you miss the dose of the medicine, then you should try that take it as soon as possible. If the time to the next dose is near, like less than 12 hours, then you are not allowed to take medicine. In such cases, you must take the help of a physician and ask them what to do that your treatment cycle does not gets affected.


 This can be a mistake, and consuming the overdose of Cephalexin 500 mg is not serious. Still, there are a few side effects that can happen due to the overdose of the medicine. If you notice that there are huge side effects of the medicine, you should contact the physician. 

How To Take Cephalexin 500 mg?

Taking the Cephalexin 500 mg is normal, like taking other medicines.  You just have to take care of a few rules. 

  • The first is that you have to take medicine in the original form it is made. If you change the form, then you will see a decrease in its efficiency.
  • Take the help of water to consume the medicine without chewing it. Directly gulp the medicine. 
  • The time of the medicine is fixed, and you should not try to change it.
  • There should be a proper gap between the consumption of food and medicine. This will save your body from side effects. 

Can I Buy This Drug Online?

Everyone who is having a prescription or is facing any bacterial infection can buy the Cephalexin 500 mg online easily https://ziverdo-kit.com/. Now you must be thinking that when you can buy the medicine offline, then why you should think of buying it online. Then here are the reason behind that.

  • The medicine that is sold by the online seller is of very high quality as they sell genuine medicines. 
  • The price that is charged by the online vendors is much less than the land-based pharmacies. 
  • People need to maintain social distance during these covid issues. That is why it would be best if you buy the medicine through online websites only. 


The precautionary measures that you should be following when taking Cephalexin 500 mg medicine are discussed below in detail. 

  • When visiting the doctor, you are liable to tell all the past and present medicines you have and any serious medical issues.
  • The storage of the medicine should be properly taken care of. 
  • The time of the medicine is important, and you should never miss it. Also, maintain a proper gap between the consumption of two medicines.


The warning signs that need to be followed when treated with the Cephalexin 500 mg medicine are discussed below in detail. 

  • You should take care of your eating habits when taking medicine like you can not consume alcohol with the medicine.
  • You should never smoke cigarettes and marijuana when taking Cephalexin 500 mg.
  • A person is not allowed to drive after they have taken Cephalexin 500 mg. All they should do is rest after they consume medicine. 
  • Don’t try to consume the medicine if you are pregnant or passing milk to your child. If you need it, then you have to discuss it with your physician.
  • If you are vaccinated, then you should not consume this medicine.

Cephalexin 500 mg Tablet Side Effects

Side effects of the medicine are not very serious. When you are new to Cephalexin 500mg, only then will you notice these side effects. When your body gets used to that salt, then your body will not show these side effects.

  •  A person will notice diarrhea when they are consuming Cephalexin 500 mg normally. 
  • Nausea type feeling along with headache is also common in a few people. But a few of them develop a great feeling of nausea which can lead to vomiting. 
  • The stomach of the consumer may stay upset for some time due to medicine. 
  • Some people notice white patches on their faces due to the medicine. 
  • The medicine makes the person sleepy and tired more often. 
  • Pain in the abdomen and diarrhea is also noticed due to Cephalexin 500 mg.
  • Swelling of the limbs may be a possible side effect. 
  • Dizziness is also common due to medicine consumption. 
  • Rashes in the throat region can be noticed. 
  • You may also notice losing stools due to the medicine. 


Is This Drug Being Safe?

  • The drug is accounted as one of the safest drugs that are available in the market for the treatment of bacterial infection. But there are a few interactions of the medicine which you should always discuss with your physician so that you can stay safe when taking Cephalexin 500 mg.

Is Cephalexin 500 mg Be Used For The Rest Of Your Living?

  • A person is not required to consume Cephalexin 500 mg for the rest of their living. There is a fixed time period for which you are required to consume the medicine according to the issue you are facing. 

Does Cephalexin 500 mg Work??

  • Yes, the purpose for which the medicine Cephalexin 500 mg is made is served properly. The task of medicine is to remove the bacteria from the body, and this is done very nicely by the medicine.

How Much Cephalexin 500 mg Should I Take?

  • The medicine dose is always decided by the physician that you are consulting. You should always follow what they say, But if we talk about a general dose of the medicine, then it is advised to a person to take medicine every 12 hours.

Does Cephalexin 500 mg Make You High?

  • Yes, the medicine is related to a few side effects, but it does not mean that you are high. The medicine is never going to make a person high. You will just feel a little tired and sleepy along with nauseous due to the Cephalexin 500 mg.
Active Ingredient (Generic Name)



Bacterial infections


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10 Tablet In 1 Strip



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