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Clopidogrel (Clopicard 75 Mg) Tablet


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About Clopidogrel- A Heart Attack Prevention Medicine 

  • We human beings have entered a new age and are living a lifestyle now which is not at all healthy. Earlier also people used to work and grow in their life, but today the competitions are much higher, and due to that a person is unable to take care of their health. Due to stressed-out situations,  the biggest affected portion of the body is the heart. The flow of blood in stressed situations increases, and this may also give rise to pain and cardiac arrest.
  • Now, changing such lifestyles can be a bit difficult for everyone that is why they look for a medicine that can help them in controlling such situations. That is why the physicians have come up with a medicine named Clopidogrel. The medicine is kept under the anti-platelet drug category, the task of which is to control blood flow in the body. The power of one tablet is 75 mg which is more than sufficient for a normal person to get over the issue of a heart attack. In case you are looking for the details of the medicine, then you must go through the details that we have discussed below.

Uses of Clopidogrel

The medicine clopidogrel is used for the prevention of forming blood clots when the blood is moving in the body. The basic concept of medicine is that when the medicine is flowing at a very high speed in the body, then the chances are high that the platelets can stick together. Due to this, blood clots start forming, and the flow of blood stops. This may lead to the following benefits:-

  • People who have the chance of facing a heart attack may save themselves from this issue. 
  • People face issues of angina that means chest pain which can also be improved with the medicine’s salt. 
  • The blood vessels can get clogged due to the platelet clots. This can be cleared with the help of this medicine. 

How do Clopidogrel works?

  • The working of the medicine is to stop the platelets from combining and forming clots. As the medicine enters the body, then the salt is going to dissolve in the body. This is going to help the blood to move in a streamlined flow. This won’t let the platelets combine and save the body from all heart and chest-related issues. 

Is it OK to take Clopidogrel every day?

  • It is completely fine if you consume the medicine daily. On the contrary, it is very important that you consume it every day if you want proper results from the medicine. Rest the dose of medicine is decided by the physician when you are going to meet them regarding your issue. 

How should Clopidogrel be used?

  • Medicine consumption has got no new rules. You can take medicine with food or without as you wish. To take medicine, you can take the help of 2-3 ounces of water and try to gulp it. If you break, chew, or make a powder of the tablet, then it may not work or may show fewer results.


  • It is the task of the physician to check on you that how much medicine you should take. The dose will be decided by them, and for that, it is your task to show them your reports. They will tell you the time every day that when you should take medicine and the rules of consuming it also.


  • If you consume the medicine in an overdose, then you may have some serious side effects. People have reported that they have faced issue in breathing and some passes out due to the overdose of the medicine. That is why the best way is to call the physician and ask for their help when you consume more than required by mistake.

Missed Dose

  • If you miss the dose of the medicine, then you will notice that the clots may happen in the body. That is why you must make up for the dose. This is going to be done only the next dose is in more than 12 hours. If time is less, then you must not take medicine and ask the physician what to do.

What are the Side effects of Clopidogrel?

The side effect of the medicine Clopidrogel has been discussed below in detail.

  • You will notice that due to the medicine, you may get bleeding very easily.
  • The stomach of the person may start paining due to the medicine consumption. Diarrhea can be followed up by stomach pain.
  • Some people may also notice constipation due to medicine consumption. 
  • People may notice pain in the abdomen and high fever. 
  • You may notice black stools also due to the medicine. 
  • You may sometimes faint due to the medicine.
  • Blood in vomit can also be an issue. 
  • Change in vision can also be an issue that is noticed by plenty of people out there. 
  • Swelling in the tongue and throat is also noticed by a few people. 
  • Dark urine can also be an issue which means that the medicine causes kidney problems also. 

What Clopidogrel Precautions need to take?

  • Teel everything to your physician, from your allergies to your medical history.
  • You should store the medicine properly. Otherwise, you will face issues.
  • Don’t take medicine if you had recent surgery, liver or kidney diseases.
  • If you have cuts or bruises, then you must never take medicine.
  • Don’t go for a dental check-up and treatment when taking this medicine. 

Drug Interactions

  • Don’t ever consume alcohol or cigarettes when you are taking medicine.
  • Marijuana can also be an issue if you consume the medicine. 
  • Don’t consume tipranavir medicine when consuming buy Clopidogrel. 
  • Don’t consume PPI medicines like felbamate, ketoconazole, etc. 


How should I take buy Clopidogrel?

  • You should consume but Clopidogrel according to the advice of your physician. All you need to remember is that don’t chew or bite the medicine and take it as a whole with the water.

What is Clopidogrel used for?

  • The medicine is used for stoping the platelets to form blood clogs. This means that the cases of heart attacks and cardiac arrests that happen due to stress can be reduced by the medicine.  

How Long Does It Take for Clopidogrel Online?

  • The medicine is going to start working within an hour, and the blood flow will get proper. But you have to keep consuming the medicine for a longer period of time, as suggested by the physician.

When should I take Clopidogrel?

  • You must take medicine with or without food with a glass full of water.

What is Clopidogrel?

  • It is a salt that is kept under the category of anti-platelet, which means that it is not going to let the platelets come together and form clots.

Can I Clopidogrel over the counter?

  • No, you will never get the medicine over the counter. You have to visit the physician, tell them your issue and they will give you the solution and write up a prescription for you. 

How much does Clopidogrel cost?

  • The cost of Clopidogrel is around $12 for a set of 30 tablets. This cost will decrease as you increase the value. 

100 Tablet/s, 200 Tablet/s, 300 Tablet/s, 400 Tablet/s

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)



Prevention of blood clots


Cipla Ltd


15 Tablets in 1 strip



Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


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