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Cenforce 100


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What is Cenforce 100?

  • Cenforce 100 is a medically- proven and scientific treatment for erectile dysfunction in men or impotence. Moreover, Cenforce 100mg is effective in controlling the conditions of pulmonary hypertension. Data and statistics reveal that every fifth man in the world is silently prey to erectile dysfunction, but they never openly discuss the issues.  

About Cenforce 100 

  • Cenforce 100 has Generic sildenafil citrate 100mg in it. Generic sildenafil citrate 100mg Functions as the main constituent of the drug and helps bring and maintain a rugged and durable erection to the penis while having intimate acts of sex. Cenforce 100 resolves erectile dysfunction and brings peace amongst the couple in bed and public life.  

What is Cenforce 100 used to treat? 

  • Cenforce 100 is mainly used to improve the condition of erectile dysfunction arising in men. The drug becomes the Saviour for the man who is unable to maintain a healthy sex life due to the inability of the penis to remain erect for enough time to have fulfilling and satisfactory sexual intercourse. Cenforce 100 is also helpful in treating cases of Pulmonary hypertension.   

Cenforce 100 Tablet Dosage

  • Begin the doses of Cenforce 100 after undergoing a thorough diagnosis and narrowing down the issues related to erectile dysfunction. This clarity helps in describing the right amount and duration, of course, to cure the problems completely. Take the tablets of Cenforce 100mg for at least 45 minutes before entering into the act of coitus. One should maintain 24 hours between two subsequent doses of Cenforce 100mg. 
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Missed dose

  • Never strain away from the prescription suggested by the physician of Cenforce for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Skipping any of the doses from the entire course of medication diminishes the chances of improving erectile dysfunction. So, even if one forgets about the amount, cover the gap and bring the intake on track. Moreover, keep the physician in the loop.  


  • Always follow the doctor’s prescription and take the amount as been suggested and directed by the physician. Never take the dose more than once within 24 hours; otherwise, there could be severe repercussions. Neither experiment with the amounts of the drug nor self-medicate just based on self-study of the symptoms.
  • Instead, inform the sex therapist about the entire underlining conditions and then begin the course of Cenforce 100. Even if taken in excess, convey the same to the doctor and take substitutes to diminish the severe side effects. If the drug is consumed in excess, it can give rise to vomiting, headache, nausea, angina, chest pain, muscle pain. 

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How to take Cenforce 100?

  • The consumption of Cenforce 100 is entirely dependent upon the age and severity of erectile dysfunction. Accordingly, the intake the dose, and frequency of the course and tablets are finalized. Take the pill of Cenforce 100mg with normal water without any consumption of grapefruits. Consume the tablets of Cenforce 100mg approximately 45-60 minutes before entering into the act of coitus. The essence of the medicine (Cenforce) exists in the patient’s body for 24 hours. The duration may differ based on the body mechanism and the critical condition of erectile dysfunction.

Can I buy this drug online?

  • Yes. One can purchase the tablets of Cenforce 100 from various online platforms after getting an authentic prescription from an expert in the field. There are online stores, virtual pharmacies, shops on the internet, and manufacturing companies’ ok websites and portals to buy the description of Cenforce 100.
  • However, before placing the final order, check the credibility, confidentiality of data, maintenance of privacy, enough security, and accountability of the service provider. One can do this by going through the feedbacks, reviews, and comments of the previous users.  
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Precaution and Warnings

  1. Interminable bladder defilements – The patient with erectile dysfunction or pulmonary hypertension having interminable bladder defilements or similar ailments should not go for the prescription of Cenforce 100 Tablet. 
  2. Heart ailment – If the patient has heart-related health issues or heart surgery, or a heart stroke lately, do not take even a single dose of Cenforce Tablet.  
  3. Diabetes – Diabetic people should stay away from the doses of Cenforce Tablet. 
  1. Thyroid issue – Similarly, patients having thyroid problems should strain from the consumption of Cenforce 100 Tablet. 
  2. Kidney illness – The ones who are going through any kidney-related issue should not consume the tablets of Cenforce 100. 
  3. Pregnant women – Pregnant women, should never choose the doses of Cenforce 100 even in the condition of pulmonary hypertension. Consuming Cenforce 100 in such a state can severely impact the health of the woman and the child in the long run.  
  4. Lactating mothers – The women who breastfeed their children should not take the doses of Cenforce at any cost. 
  5. Do not drive nor operate machinery – Cenforce 100 generates a sense of drowsiness in the person, so should one not drive nor operate any machinery after intaking the pills of Cenforce 100. 

Cenforce 100 Tablet Side Effects

  1. Pain in the muscles – There are Probabilities of getting muscles to cramp after taking the doses of Cenforce. 
  2. Bleeding nose – High blood flow in the person’s body may lead to nose bleeding. 
  3. Diarrhea – There are pretty good chances of getting upset stomach and diarrhea during or after the course of Cenforce 100.  
  4. Difficulty in breathing – The patient with erectile dysfunction or pulmonary hypertension may find it difficult to breathe after getting the drug inside.
  5. Flushing – Speedy flow of blood in the person’s body may give rise to flushing skin. 
  6. Headache – One of the most frequently observed side effects of Cenforce 100 is a headache. The intensity may differ from person to person depending upon the body mechanism and age of the person. 
  7. Burning sensation in the chest or stomach – The fast flow of blood in the blood vessels may generate a burning sensation in the chest or abdomen of the person taking them.  
  8. Blood in urine and frequently urinating – There are mere chances that the person tinges of blood in urine and a feeling frequently urinating. 
  9. Indigestion – The course of Cenforce 100mg may give rise to the condition of stomach upset and pain after following the procedure of Cenforce. 
  10. Loss of vision – One of the rarest side effects of Cenforce is on the eyes of the person. The person may find it difficult to recognize different colors, blurry vision, or complete loss of sight.
  11. Anxiety and depression – One may slip into the state of anxiety, stress, or depression after beginning or after completing the course of Cenforce 100. 
  12. Drowsiness – There are chances of getting a sense of sleepiness, giddiness, or dizziness after consuming the pills of Cenforce 100mg.
  13. Fever or chills – The person may have colds and later fever after taking the drug doses. 
  14. Prolonged, painful erection of the penis – The extreme side effect of Cenforce 100mg is in the form of a long, painful, and discomforting erection. 
  15. Sensitivity to light – There are probabilities that the person’s eyes may become sensitive to light after beginning the course of Cenforce. 

FAQs: –

Is this drug being safe?

  • Yes. This is an FDA-approved drug for treating the medical condition of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension. The side effects and withdrawal effects can rule the health Conditions of the patient if the drug is consumed with a solid prescription from the physician. Self-medication is never safe and nor recommended in any circumstances. 

Is Cenforce 100 be used for the rest of your living?

  • Take the doses of Cenforce 100 till the time the doctor suggests and describes. Just for the sake of getting a robust and elongated erection, do not try to consume the tablets of Cenforce 100mg secretly. Do not blindly follow the course of Cenforce 100 after the duration of the recommended directions. 

How do I take Cenforce 100Mg?

  • Take the pills of Cenforce 100 45-60 minutes before going for the planned and scheduled sex. Keep 24 hours between two doses of Cenforce to escape and prevent the adverse consequences coming later.  

Is Cenforce 100 good for anxiety?

  • This is the drug that is only eroding erectile dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension issues, not any psychological disturbance, mental inability, or nervous system imbalance. Erectile dysfunction may occur due to intense anxiety, stress, or sudden worries, but Cenforce 100Mg cannot treat these psychological responses of the body. 

Does Cenforce 100Mg make you high?

  • The patient to the problem of erectile dysfunction of Pulmonary hypertension taking the doses of Cenforce 100Mg may experience drowsiness, giddiness, dizziness, or unconscious sometimes but never feels high. If the patient feels being high after taking the amount of Cenforce 100Mg, then inform the sex therapist and ask for the remedy medicines to reduce the impact on the person.  
Active Ingredient (Generic Name)

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 tablets in 1 strip



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